Report: Navy Secretary Fired For Lying To Pentagon Chief

Senate Confirmation Hearing For Richard Spencer To Become Secretary Of The Navy

WASHINGTON DC — Navy Secretary Richard Spencer is out of his job after reportedly lying to the Pentagon Chief.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper fired Spencer because the he privately proposed to the White House that court-martialed Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher be allowed to retire with his Trident pin. Esper didn't know this happened before he and Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley tried to persuade President Trump on Friday to let the Trident review board consider expelling Gallagher from the SEALs.

President Trump will nominate the U.S. ambassador to Norway to be the next Secretary of the Navy.This comes after Richard Spencer was forced to resign from the role.

Ken Braithwaite is the current U.S. ambassador in Norway, but previously served as a Navy rear admiral. On Twitter, Trump thanked Spencer for his service, but suggested he wasn't happy with the way the Navy handled Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher's case.

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