Trump Signs Spending Bill To Avoid Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown

WASHINGTON, DC — President Trump has signed a short-term spending bill that will stave off a government shutdown.

The measure passed the House earlier this week 231-192and passed Senate Friday morning.It extends funding until December 20th, 2019.

Amid fears of another shutdown, the federal government was set to run out of money at midnight Friday.

The funding bill would expire just five days before Christmas.

Last month, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said he was very worried about the possibility of another government shutdown.Speaking at the Capitol, Schumer said President Trump may provoke another shutdown as a "diversion" to take the spotlight off the House impeachment inquiry.

The effort is to avoid another shutdown like the one that ended this past January, the longest shutdown in US History, leaving hundreds of thousands of federal workers furloughed for four weeks.


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