OPM Hosts Panel on Hiring Military Spouses

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WASHINGTON, DC – A panel of military spouses is stressing the importance of finding work in the federal government.

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) hosted a panel of Military Spouses at the annual Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCO) Council public meeting where the panel spoke on their experience working in the federal government and the importance of President Trump’s Executive Order on hiring military spouses.

“I thought it was essential that OPM host this panel at the annual CHCO public meeting. I want to stress the high priority that the Trump administration places on hiring military spouses and I want the council to have a better understanding of what these spouses sacrifice so their significant other can serve our country,” said Director Dale Cabaniss. 

The members of the panel were Cheryl Mason, Chairman of the Board of Veterans’ Appeal, Annette Maldonado, Program Director at CXO Fellowship, Joy Fisher Lead Human Resources Specialist at OPM, and Karen Scanlan, President of the Military Spouse JD Network. 

“Military spouses bring unique talents and perspectives to the federal workplace, and starting the conversation about the best ways to hire and retain them is key,” said Chairman of the Board of Veterans’ Appeals Cheryl Mason. “Having this discussion with all the CHCOs is a great first step to highlight some of the challenges military spouses face when looking for work in the federal government.”

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