Air Force Announces First Connect-a-thon


The Air Force is working on getting its weapons systems to better communicate with each other.

The Air Force acquisition chief said the service will conduct a connect-a-thon every four months in efforts to interconnect its machines and more fully integrate the force.

"We've got a variety of platforms that we'd like to be able to exchange information in ways they haven't done before," Will Roper, the Air Force's acquisition chief, told reporters Nov. 12 during a Defense Writers Group event at George Washington University.

In December, using the Advanced Battle Management System program as the glue between the systems, it will test some software interaction starting with the F-35 and F-22 aircraft. The goal is to eventually affix it to a drone to translate aircraft code.

The connect-a-thons will include industry partners like SpaceX.

"In future, that's how we want the program to evolve: whoever is ready gets to demonstrate first, gets to pipeline first, they get to access the funding we're requesting in the budget," Roper said.

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