Law Enforcement Authorities Host Cybercrime Prevention Symposium

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LOS ANGELES, CA — The United States Attorney’s Office, the FBI, and a coalition of law enforcement agencies and community organizations hosted a Cybercrime Prevention Symposium in Los Angeles, CA with the goal of educating teachers, parents, and students on cyber safety, technology, crime, and digital reputation.

Specifically, law enforcement authorities led discussions on issues ranging from smartphone safety, online behavior, online exploitation, harassment and peer pressure of children and teens, digital reputation, cyberbullying, internet dangers, and sextortion.

“Cyberspace has become a dangerous place for adults and children alike. It is incumbent on law enforcement to provide the community with the necessary skills to stay safe in this online world,” said United States Attorney Nick Hanna. “This important Symposium plays a vital role in presenting a variety of relevant approaches and tactics that will guide children and adults to safer online behavior.”

Students were also invited to participate in a Cyber Safety Challenge that asked teams to develop a cyber safety program for students at their respective schools.

“Children growing up in this high tech age are being targeted by online predators at an alarmingly high rate,” said Deanne Tilton Durfee, Executive Director for the ICAN. “Each year, this Symposium provides participants with resources and tools to help children learn how to protect themselves and be safe in the cyber world, while enjoying all of the benefits of the fast-growing technologies.”

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