McDonalds Teams Up With AARP to Hire Seniors

McDonald's Workers Protest About Pay And Conditions

WASHINGTON, DC — McDonald’s Corp. and AARP are teaming up to recruit workers from the over-50 population.

The fast-food giant is looking to fill 250,000 positions nationwide, in roles from management to morning shift employees. To fill the need, McDonalds is posting jobs on the AARP job board, and piloting a program with the AARP Foundation to diversify their workforce among different age groups. The pilot program will run in North Caroline, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois and Florida.

McDonald's also has signed the advocacy organization's Employer Pledge, in which companies acknowledge that they value the experience older workers bring to the workplace.

"For the first time ever, five generations are now working together under the Arches,” says Melissa Kersey, McDonald's U.S. chief people officer. “We're looking to position McDonald's as a place where people at every stage of working life can see themselves grow and thrive while bringing stability and a different perspective that everyone can learn from."

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, adults ages 55 and older are the fastest-growing segment of the workforce. By 2024, this group of 41 million Americans will represent 24.8 percent of the civilian labor force. The nation's low unemployment rate and an appreciation for the maturity and professionalism of workers ages 50 and over are among the reasons why companies are turning to older adults to fill their employment needs.

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