Jeff Bezos Visits Dunbar High School in DC and No One Knows Who He Is

It's probably fair to say everyone knows what Amazon is but not everyone knows who Jeff Bezos is or what he looks like. He's not a celebrity in the same manner as a sports star or a YouTube celebrity who have their faces constantly plastered across the TV and the Internet.

Bezos, founder and CEO of the mega-company, made a surprise appearance at Dunbar High School and popped into a computer science class that is funded by Amazon's Future Engineer program.

The only thing is, the kids in the class seemingly have no idea who Bezos is.

On student wearing a black hoodie can be seen turning to a fellow student behind him and asking, "Who's Jeff Bezos?" twice.

The Washingtonian says the teacher of the class estimated that only three of her 15 students had an idea of who Bezos was.

Source: Business Insider

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