Army Cyber Command Lobbies For Name Change

American Soldier in Uniform Using Laptop

The Army Cyber Command is looking for a name change.

Army Cyber Command was established in October 2010 with the mission to fight electronic warfare against adversaries on the battlefield. As the role of Army Cyber Command continues to grow, ARCYBER is lobbying for a name change to better reflect this change.

Lt. Gen. Stephen Fogarty, Army Cyber commander, says his staff is providing a proposal to change their command’s name to Army Information Warfare Command.

Last year alone, information warfare was mentioned 40 times in the Army’s Multi-Domain Operations doctrinal pamphlet issued in December.

Army Cyber Command says that the non-violent fight is already occurring and is stressing a need for greater authorities to better combat threats, including fighting disinformation from fake accounts on social media used for purposes of deception.

Army Cyber Command

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