Uber To Test Pet Friendly Service

Dog at car window

Man's best friend will soon be able to take Uber. uberPET will debut in a number of cities later this month. Uber is testing the program allowing pets that are not service animals.

In a statement, the ride-sharing company says, “We understand it can be tricky when riders come on-board with their pets, so we are working towards creating a better driving experience for you.”

There is a four-dollar surcharge for using the service and drivers can opt out of providing uberPET service.

If drivers are comfortable having riders with their household pets designated as “dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, hamsters, birds in cages and fish in bowls or plastic bags” in their car, the fare paid for the trip will remain the same, but Uber will add $2 to the fare for every trip, or $1.60 after Uber takes their cut.

The uberPET requests will be indicated in the request screen of the driver’s app. UberPET says that they can only guarantee a safe ride for 1 pet per ride. It will be up to the drivers discretion to take more on board.

Should there be an accident, the rider is responsible for the cleaning fee, depending on the extent of the damage. But fur-shedding is just part of the gig.

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