Sen. Schumer Calling For Funding To Support Cybersecurity Programs

Senate Votes On House-Approved Budget Deal Before Recess

Cyber attacks are a growing problem nationwide, but one lawmaker believes New York college students could play a big role in preventing them.

At University of Albany, Senator Chuck Schumer announced a push for grants to help colleges and universities train students on how to stop future attacks.

The Democrat says the school’s College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity would be the hub of a pilot program to train students to fill nearly 314,000 cybersecurity job openings nationwide, including 15,000 in New York.

Both two-year and four-year schools would be able to apply for funding.

“U of Albany would be the hub,” Schumer said. “They would do sort of the high-end, what’s the next phase, how are these bad guys going to hack us and what can we do to protect ourselves ahead of time. That kind of advanced thinking. But at the same time, the spokes that would come out of this would be at the community colleges. Training people to go to companies and other institutions to how to protect themselves against cyber theft – what kind of protection modes are there. And how to deal with cyberhacking when and if it occurs.”

The cost of Schumer's proposal is three-point-seven-million dollars and he hopes to be able to include it in a future Senate appropriations bill.


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