White House Cybersecurity Executive Order Bolsters U.S. Frontline Defenses

Electronic surveillance or hacking of US government

President Trump signed an Executive Order directing the federal government to take steps to strengthen America’s cybersecurity workforce.

The Executive Order promises to enhance mobility of our country’s frontline cybersecurity practitioners, support the development of their skills to encourage excellence in the field, and help ensure the United States keeps its competitive edge in cybersecurity.

It’s estimated that the US currently has a shortage of 300,000 cybersecurity practitioners.

Acting DHS Secretary Kevin K. McAleenan said in a a statement, “America’s cybersecurity practitioners—whether working in the private sector or serving in the federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial governments—constitute a core element in our country’s frontline defense, and we must urgently bolster them in the face of a myriad of cybersecurity threats.”

Under the Cybersecurity Workforce Executive Order, the Department of Homeland Security will work with federal government partners to strengthen the workforce, including the creation of the Federal Cybersecurity Rotational Program.

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