FTA Approves Honolulu Rail Recovery Plan, Bringing Jobs to Hawaii

Maui - Hawaiian Islands

If you’re looking to relocate to Hawaii, you’re in luck, the commute is about to get a little easier.

A federally approved Rail project in Honolulu promises to bring new jobs to the area, and ease the commute for existing ones.

The Federal Transit Administration has approved the recovery plan for Honolulu's rail project.In a statement,

Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz called it an important milestone that recognizes the work done by the city and state to be more accountable and keep costs under control.

The recovery plan clears the way for the FTA to eventually release more than 740-million-dollars in federal funding that was previously withheld.

The 20-mile rail line is already six-years behind schedule and has overrun cost estimates by four-billion-dollars.

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