Navy Adds Electronic Travel Voucher Submittal Capability to MyPCS Mobile

US service man with family

The Navy is trying to make the PCS travel easier on the Sailors and their families.

The Navy is now offering electronic prep, signing, and submission of permanent change of station or PCS travel vouchers through their MyPCS mobile.

Also available in the MyPCS Mobile, sailors can access a personalized checklist tailored for each sailors PCS move and the ability to apply for government housing and childcare services at their next duty station.

And Sailors can now upload photos of their receipts using their cell phones, user friendly travel vouchers, and upload it directly to their Command Pay and personnel Administrator of CPPA.

Like other components of MyPCS Mobile, the MyPCS Mobile Travel Voucher is accessible using any mobile device. Sailors may access MyPCS Mobile either through the Navy App Locker or MyNavy Portal

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