DHS Issues $820,000 in Funding to Track Pests At Borders


The Department of Homeland Security has issued a couple of requests for proposals totaling just over $820,000 in funding to help two of its sub-agencies with innovative technology solutions.

Announced July 12, the first request for proposals asks for how the Coast Guard can “improve search patterns to account for the relative motion between the search unit and the drifting object,” and the second one on how Customs and Border Protection data collected during port-of-entry inspections can better predict and counter pest threats nearing U.S. shores.

The pair of proposals are through the Minority Serving Institutions Research and Development Consortium, a collaboration between minority serving institutions of higher education, government agencies and industry. Its aim is to promote innovation and stimulate science, technology, engineering and math research development.

The submission deadline for both the research projects is July 26, 2019. Applicants must be members of MSRDC.

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