OMB Seeks Insight on AI R&D

Artificial Intelligence

A newly released request for information from the Office of Management and Budget seeks industry ideas on how to improve federal data and resources forartificial intelligence R&D. 

The RFI, published July 10 in the Federal Register, builds on the work of the American AI Initiative and accelerates U.S. leadership in trustworthy AI, the White House Office of Science and Technology said in a tweet on the same day.

To enhance AI R&D and testing, OMB wants input on what federal data would be most helpful in developing AI technologies, which datasets would be hard to access and what kind of AI R&D would be accelerated with better access to this data.  

The RFI also asks for insight into questions such as: Which characteristics of datasets or models make them well-suited for AI R&D? Which models should agencies to focus on, and why? What research questions and applications are you trying to solve with AI, that need federal data?

Comments on this RFI are due Aug. 9.

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