Coalition Launches to Teach Policymakers about Cloud

A group of cloud-based businesses have formed an alliance to educate policymakers about cloud computing and how it promotes innovation and benefits organizations and their customers.

The Enterprise Cloud Coalition is composed of Twilio, Box, Dropbox, Okta, Slack, Workday and Zendesk and was introduced during a June 13 event on Capitol Hill.

“The founding companies share a commitment to ensuring policymakers understand the critical role cloud computing plays in business – from data protection, to business growth, and continued innovation – and the impact it will have on the U.S. economy for years to come,” ECC said in a June 13 announcement.

The group will focus on communicating the advantages of cloud, show how enterprise cloud services differ for those created for consumer purposes and promote trust in cloud while advocating growth and innovation among U.S. cloud companies.

ECC will also dedicate its time to policy issues related to privacy, cybersecurity, data and artificial intelligence.

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