DOE to Fund Projects to Explore Dark Matter, Energy

Have you ever wondered how the universe works? If you’re a university scientist pondering this age-old mystery, here’s your chance to work with the Energy Department to explore that topic.

The agency will fund $75 million in 66 university research awards to advance knowledge of how the universe works, with projects that entail both experimental and theoretical research. Topics to be explored include Higgs boson, neutrinos, dark matter, dark energy and the search for new physics.

Research in high-energy physics has a dual role: it betters our understanding of the universe and is key to maintaining the nation’s edge in science, said Undersecretary for Science Paul Dabbar.

“These research efforts, at dozens of universities across the nation, will not only yield fresh insights into such problems as dark matter and dark energy, but also help build and sustain the nation’s science and technology workforce,” he said in a June 4 announcement. Total funding is $75 million for projects lasting up to four years. The list of projects can be found here.

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