Synthetic Training Environment Allows Soldiers to Train from Anywhere

Soldiers across the globe could soon access myriad of training options through a new virtual platform.

The Army has conducted user assessments of its One World Terrain technology, which is part of the Synthetic Training Environment that would allow soldiers to train virtually in 3D on battlefields from home station or deployed locations all over the world, the service said June 3.

The synthetic training environment will merges live, virtual and constructive training seamlessly, said Maj. Gen. Maria Gervais, director of the Synthetic Training Environment CFT. The Army plans to award contracts next month to further develop STE platforms, she said, and will use Other Transaction Authority to speed up expedite acquisition and fielding of the technologies.

Three Army divisions and 24 Marine Corps battalions already use One World Terrain. The National Training Center has used OWT as well as one-third of U.S. Special Forces units. The 7th Special Forces Group used One World Terrain while flying drones at the NTC.

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