NIST Pushes RFI AI Deadline to June

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is giving artificial intelligence experts and enthusiasts a little bit more time to weigh in technical standards and other related tools to AI.

The original deadline for NIST’s original request for information was May 30 but the new date is June 10, NIST said. The agency is tasked with creating a plan for federal engagement in the development of technical standards and related tools in support of reliable, robust and trustworthy systems that use AI technologies.

The RFI seeks ideas to help NIST understand today’s state, plans, hurdles and opportunities around the development and availability of AI technical standards and related tools as well as priority areas for federal involvement in AI standards-related activities.

To help with the plan, NIST will consult with other federal agencies, industry, academia, non-governmental entities and other stakeholders interested in AI.

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