ARL Researcher Honored for Biotech Achievements

A researcher from the Army's corporate laboratory was recently recognized for her accomplishments in biotechnology and synthetic biology programs

Dr. Bryn Adams, who works in Army Research Laboratory’s Biotechnology Branch, was named the DOD Laboratory Scientist of the Quarter, 1st Quarter 2019. Adams made new and impactful contributions to Army programs and missions through research conducted in living materials, agile expedient manufacturing, precision material synthesis, autonomous sensing and human performance, according to her nomination.

This isn’t the first time Adams has been honored for her work. She received the ARL Award for Science as well as multiple customer service and on-the-spot awards for exceptional collaborative efforts across the lab.

She began her synthetic biology work at ARL in 2011 as a postdoctoral fellow and played a key role in the launch of the synthetic biology partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

"I am truly appreciative of ARL and the Office of the Secretary of Defense's recognition of not only my research efforts in bringing synthetic biology out of the lab and into the battlefield, but also the impact synthetic biology and biotechnology will have on informing concepts for multiple domain operations, 2040 and beyond," Adams said.

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