NIH Roadmap Offers ‘Clinical Translation of AI Innovation’

A new report with contributions from the National Institutes of Health provides a roadmap for translational research on artificial intelligence in medical imaging and highlights the technology’s growing role in that area.

The report, with contributions from the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, identifies research priorities using big data, cloud and machine learning for augmenting clinicians’ image planning and use to diagnose or evaluate patient responses to therapy.

“This new roadmap paper gives guidance for the clinical translation of AI innovation,” said Dr. Curtis P. Langlotz, report co-author and RSNA Board Liaison for Information Technology and Annual Meeting. “Together, these two connected roadmaps show us how AI not only will transform the work of radiologists and other medical imagers, but also will enhance the delivery of care throughout the clinical environment.”

The report concluded a key goal of the roadmap is to grow an ecosystem “that will allow robust collaborations between practicing clinicians and AI researchers to advance foundational and translational research relevant to medical imaging.”

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