Army Researcher New Natsec Collaboration Center Federal Partner Lead

An Army researcher has been named the first federal partner lead for the University of Texas at San Antonio's National Security Collaboration Center and will focus on bolstering relationships with cybersecurity stakeholders.

As the federal partner lead, Ray Bateman, who leads the Army Research Lab’s cyber-science research in San Antonio, Texas, will work to bolster deeper collaborations across the cybersecurity and national security ecosystem in the area.

The center works to engage engages government, industry and academia to address the nation's greatest cybersecurity challenges and advance San Antonio's position as a leader in national security. Its cyber-science focus is on research, education and workforce development in the areas of cybersecurity, data analytics and cloud computing.

In addition to ARL, NSCC’s federal partners include the National Security Agency in Texas, the Air Force, Secret Service, FBI and multiple Energy Department labs.

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