Air Force Research Entity Explores Collaborative Opportunities with Israel

The scientific research organization run by the Air Force Materiel Command is connecting with Israeli innovators and entrepreneurs to explore how the two can team up in the future.

A group of scientists and engineers from Air Force Research Laboratory recently visited universities throughout Israel to learn about their technology priorities and explore areas of common interest. The group had representatives from the European Office of Aerospace Research and Development.

The group learned about innovations happening in Israel and shared AFRL research activities and goals in hopes of increasing collaboration and cooperative technology development with the Israel Ministry of Defense.

“Israel is moving fast in its technological base,” said AFRL Senior Scientist Dr. Ruth Pachter in a release. “It benefits us both to work together. We have expertise, know-how, and the ability to transition technologies, and they have practical research and the ability to make it happen quickly.”

The group plans to follow up on its outreach with a December workshop.

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