Bill Aims to Make House Members More Cyber Aware

Members of the House of Representatives could soon be much more cyber savvier. One congresswoman is pushing for legislation that would require all House members to undergo annual cyber- and information security training in an effort to ensure they are aware of cyber threats and know how to protect government data and information against them.

Introduced by Rep. Kathleen Rice, the Congressional Cybersecurity Training Resolution of 2019 would direct all House members to take yearly cyber- and information security training, which is already mandatory for House officers and employees. The House chief administrative officer would be tasked with carrying out the training.

The bill, which is co-led by Rep. John Katko, R-N.Y., directs new members to take the training within 30 days of joining. All members would need to complete the annual training by the end of January every year.

Katko said Americans in government and industry alike are increasingly susceptible to cyberattacks and “[e]lected officials serving the House are no exception.”

“Members of Congress must be able to properly identify these risks,” he said in a May 10 release. “The staff in my official offices, as well as staff in every House office, are required to complete mandatory cybersecurity training. It is imperative Members of Congress do the same.”

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