Sen. Warner Asks Private Military Housing Companies for Action

A lawmaker is demanding answers from a quartet of private military housing companies on how they plan to tackle the health hazards documented by military families across the country.

The letters from Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., come on the heels of roundtables in Norfolk and Fort Lee, where Warner heard from military officials and families upset by conditions in their homes and angry about the lack of response from their housing companies.

Letters were addressed to the heads of four companies: Lincoln Property Company, Balfour Beatty Communities, Clark Realty Capital Companies and Hunt Military Communities.

 “Numerous meetings and roundtables that my office has organized with servicemembers and their families, the military, and private companies have all highlighted a number of unacceptable problems in the Military Housing Privatization Initiative that must be addressed immediately,” Warner said in a May 13 statement. “The status quo cannot be allowed to continue.”

The senator requested the companies address issues ranging from insufficient communication to excessive fees and answer how they plan to improve communications with tenants, how they will resolve disagreements and improve overall housing conditions.

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