Government AI Bill Reintroduced

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Reintroduced legislation this week aims to improve the use of artificial intelligence across the federal government by giving access to technical expertise and overhauling hiring within the agencies.

The Artificial Intelligence in Government Act would direct agencies to create governance plans to promote government uses of AI that benefit citizens and set up best practices for identifying and mitigating bias and other consequences. It would stand up Center of Excellence within the General Services Administration to do research on federal AI policy, among other responsibilities.

Under the legislation, the Office of Personnel Management would be directed to identify skills and competencies for AI and establish a new or revamp an existing occupational series and create an advisory board to address AI policy opportunities and challenges for executive agencies.

“We can’t continue to lead the world in AI technology if our own government isn’t making the most of it,” said Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, who first introduced the bill in September 2018. “Our bill will give the federal government the resources it needs to hire experts, do research, and work across federal agencies to use AI technologies in smart and effective ways.”

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