Pentagon Gets Access to Reskilling Platform

Under a newly minted deal, the Defense Department will get access to the Office of Personnel Management’s workforce training platform aimed at streamlining the Pentagon’s reskilling initiatives.

The USALearning platform is already used by over 100 federal agencies and will replace thousands of other education courses and learning management systems. OPM said it’s slated to save $100 million to $200 million every year.

“This is a major step in accomplishing the goals of the President’s Management Agenda,” said OPM Acting Director Margaret Weichert in a May 3 release. “We are creating a streamlined system to reskill DoD personnel with more speed, efficiency, and respect to the taxpayer dollar.”

DOD’s Reform Management Group met in 2018 and agreed to overhaul the Pentagon’s training and education capabilities, according to OPM. That overhaul would be done by leveraging USALearning for assisted acquisition, operation and maintenance of a DOD-wide Common Course Catalog and associated website and operation and maintenance of a departmentwide Common Learning Record Repository.

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