Spectrum-sharing Model Gains Momentum

A spectrum-sharing model that offers capacity for future 5G deployment is one step closer to reality.

The 3.5 GHz band belongs to the so-called mid-band radio spectrum in the U.S. and “affords an excellent mix of capacity and coverage capabilities, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration said in a May 1 blog post. The band was first considered for commercial use almost a decade ago and NTIA has worked with the Pentagon and the Federal Communications Commission to make that a reality

This week saw important development that give momentum to developing the 3.5 GHz band: FCC approved the Environmental Sensing Capabilities—a network of radio frequency sensors and a decision system —of three vendors and NTIA completed the laboratory testing stage of its examination of the systems of five Spectrum Access System vendors.

These milestones ”mean the U.S. will be well positioned to put key mid-band spectrum into the market to support U.S. leadership in 5G and the technology industries of the future,” NTIA said.

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