DOE, Israel Seek Ideas for New Center

The Energy Department and two Israeli government organizations have announced a $16 million call for proposals of a new center whose focus will include energy cyber and physical security in critical infrastructure. 

The U.S. and Israeli governments will provide $8 million each for the initial 2-year launch of the U.S.-Israel Center of Excellence in Energy, Engineering and Water Technology. Businesses, research institutes and academia from both nations are encouraged to form consortia and apply for these awards.

Awards will be given in four areas: fossil energy, energy storage, energy cyber and physical security in critical infrastructure, and energy-water nexus.

“The research, development, and testing to be completed by the U.S.-Israel Energy Center consortia will contribute significantly to science and innovation in the four technical areas, and will strengthen the unparalleled partnership between the United States and Israel,” Energy Secretary Rick Perry said in an April 30 statement

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