Driverless Vehicles to Make Debut at Air Force Base

Autonomous vehicles are headed to one Air Force base on the West Coast and could eventually help free up drivers to focus on other important work.

Autonomous Solutions Inc., a provider of driverless vehicle solutions, conducted a site survey earlier this month at the Precision Impact Range Area on Edwards Air Force Base, California. The company’s technology would enable self-driving vehicles to do convoy operations during target acquisition testing, John Streets, a member of the 412th Range Squadron, said in an April 24 release.

Next, ASI will deliver tech demos and prototype software.

“In the coming months we’ll get a software drop that will allow our personnel to get familiar with the platform and do simulations,” Streets said. “That is going to be beneficial for us to learn to learn the technology, as we approach the trial date which is mid-November.”

The vehicles surveyed by ASI include a pickup truck, a Humvee and a mobility tactical truck. Automating targets would free up personnel and allow them to accomplish their missions faster and safer, Streets said.

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