AFRL Researchers Vital to Realize New Air Force Plan, Leader Says

To meet one of the objectives of the Air Force’s newly unveiled Science and Technology Strategy, the researchers who lead discovery, development and delivery of warfighting technologies will be key, according to a top official.

On April 18, the commander of the Air Force Research Laboratory, Maj. Gen. William Cooley, presented highlights from the new blueprint. It has three objectives: develop and deliver transformational strategic capabilities for the Air Force, reform how science and technology is led and managed, and deepen the science and technology enterprise through partnerships and agile and innovative business processes.

To meet the third objective, that’s where AFRL’s internal workforce comes in, Cooley said.

“We must continue to attract, develop, and retain the best and brightest from across the United States and our allies,” he said. “This will require extra effort to partner with universities and technology ecosystems to enhance and expand our bench of researchers.”

The second part to that objective includes cultivating AFRL partnerships in the science and technology ecosystem, including with colleges, private sector, businesses and other government laboratories, Cooley said.

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