DHS Unveils Participants for Summer Research Internship

Nine teams from Minority Serving Institutions from across the nation will participate in the Department of Homeland Security’s 2019 summer internship.

This year’s Summer Research Team participants were announced April 16 by DHS’ Science and Technology Directorate. They include nine early-career faculty members and 15 graduate and undergraduate students.

The participants will be placed at a DHS Center of Excellence or partnering institutions across the country. Their projects include data-enabled proactive emergency response, content analysis of Twitter, changing the culture of cybersecurity awareness among small businesses, and the methodology and meaning of the Global Terrorism Index.

The 10-week program aims provides research experiences to participants attending a Minority Serving Institution in the United States and the 16 U.S. territories.

In addition to doing research, the teams will take part in the yearly DHS COE Summit held in July in Arlington, Virginia. The summit “is a unique opportunity for SRT faculty and students to connect with DHS components; federal, state, and local stakeholders; and industry partners to present current and emerging solutions to threats and homeland security challenges,” S&T said.

A full list of the nine teams and their focus areas can be found here.


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