Air Force Wants to Hire Chief Tech. Officer To Evangelize Science & Tech

The Air Force’s top official has unveiled a framework that includes appointing a senior technologist to help with strategic scientific and technical decisions.

Released April 17 by Secretary Heather Wilson, the Science and Technology Strategy puts an emphasis to better identify, develop and leverage cutting-edge technologies. The plan has three objectives: develop and deliver transformational capabilities, change how science and technology is led and managed, and deepen and expand scientific and technical enterprise.

To expand advocacy for science and technology, the Air Force wants to hire a chief technology officer who will help with scientific and technical decision-making, prioritize activities, and coordinate across the service to convert scientific and technical investments into innovative solutions.

“A unified voice at a senior level in the Service could ensure that technology investments produce transformational new capabilities and inform policy and doctrine to shape the missions ahead,” according to the strategy. “A Chief Technology Officer would also nurture the Air Force’s scientific community and ensure effective workforce development for civilian and military scientists and engineers.”

Ground crew signalling to pilot of a Military Airplane

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