CISA Issues Tips on How to Avoid, Prevent Ransomware

Following a wave of ransomware paralyzing both government and industry entities, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has issued security tips on how to avoid falling prey to this type of malware – and what to do in the worst-case scenario.

The April 11 document explains what ransomware is, how it works, how it’s delivered, how to protect against it and what can be done once infected.

To protect data and networks, CISA recommends three approaches: backing up computers frequently, storing backups separately, and training and educating employees on cyberthreats. To prevent ransomware infections, organizations should make sure their computers are updated and patched, open email attachments with caution and use blocking software.

If disaster strikes and ransomware infects a computer, CISA recommends organizations immediately contact their IT help desk. Regular home users should get in touch with the FBI or the Secret Service to get help. Once the ransomware has been removed, all users should change all system passwords. 

Malware, conceptual artwork

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