OPM Finalizes Direct Hire Authority for IT Roles

The Office of Personnel Management has issued a final rule that will let agencies with a dearth in IT talent decide if direct hire authority is justified.

An April 5 release from OPM said IT positions in the federal government have increased by almost 200 percent since the 1980s, and hiring authority would help get the necessary professionals in the door.

“With this action, the President is committed to easing the burden federal agencies face when hiring qualified IT candidates,” said OPM Acting Director Margaret Weichert. “With a strong commitment to addressing the skilling needs of the 21st century, this Administration is empowering federal agencies with greater flexibility to fill critical skills gaps that need immediate attention.”

Agencies have to determine if they have a critical hiring need or severe shortage of candidates before using DHA for IT positions. OPM said it will work closely with agencies to help ensure they use the authority accordingly.

Focused male IT technician working at laptop in dark server room

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