Interactive 3D Tool Helps U.S., Israeli Law Enforcement

The Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate is collaborating with the Israeli Police to invest in a new technology that within minutes can turn a crash or crime scene into an interactive 3D model.

Called 3D-Hawk, the tool uses high-definition video footage and creates 3D models to recreate detailed crash and crime scenes. The 3D model allows investigators to move around the virtual scene and home in on specific locations. They can also measure distances and heights by calculating the line of sight to witness testimonies.

Work on the 3D-Hawk took off in June 2015 following a meeting S&T had with the Israeli police. As part of an agreement with the Israeli government, S&T engaged in joint research and development efforts.

“Israel is one of our strongest allies, and they have quite a bit of experience in many of the same first responder challenges and issues we deal with in our country,” Milt Nenneman, who oversees the 3D-Hawk project, said in a statement.

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