DOE awards $36M to find more durable heat exchanges

Eighteen teams of energy innovators will put their heads together to think up new ways to develop processes and technologies in designing high-temperature, high-pressure, and highly compact heat exchangers and components.

The Energy Department announced $36 million in awards for 18 projects as part of the High Intensity Thermal Exchange through Materials and Manufacturing Processes program as well as the final OPEN+ Cohort, High Temperature Devices. Funded by Advanced Research Projects Agency–Energy, or ARPA-E, these projects will focus on designing and manufacturing more durable heat exchangers that can be used in areas such as nuclear reactors, transportation and petrochemical plants.

DOE said the teams will target heat exchangers that can operate for tens of thousands of hours in temperatures and pressures exceeding 800°C and 80 bar, respectively.

The awardees include universities and energy technology companies from across the nation.

Engineering is use notebook check and standing in front of oil refinery building structure in heavy petrochemical industry

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