Campaign urges Marines to take action

A newly launched 9-week initiative is hoping to urge Marines off the sidelines if they see something that requires their action.

Kicked off by Sgt. Maj. Ronald Green, the Own It! initiative urges Marines not to be idle if they see something that threatens their commitment to honor.

“Just one bad news story about a Marine can erase the hundreds of heroic stories that came before,” Green said in a video message. “We’re all responsible for our own actions.”

Protecting the corps is a “family business” with everyone playing a part, Green said.

“If you see something, do something about,” he said. “Even a little bit of straight talk can make someone think twice before they act.”

The campaign uses segments from ABC News’ show, “What Would You Do?” featuring scenarios that force bystanders to choose to intervene or walk away. The segments are introduced by Marines, and end with resources to help Marines navigate difficult situations.

By texting OWNIT to 555-888, participants will get links to resources that will help them in having conversations with a Marine Corps family member on situations such as suicide, consent, rejection, bullying and substance abuse.

US Marine displaying his medals

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