Nation's threats "graver" than ever, DHS Secretary Nielsen says

Although the U.S. has robust defenses, the threats it faces are more serious than ever, according to the top Department of Homeland Security official.

Speaking yesterday on the state of homeland security, Kirstjen Nielsen highlighted how the nation’s enemies have fast evolved while the U.S. is moving too slowly to protect its citizens.

“That is why today it is my duty to report that—although the overall security of our homeland is strong—the threats we face are graver than at any time since 9/11,” she said at the George Washington University.

Although the nation is safer from last decade’s dangers, it’s also less prepared, Nielsen said. To address that shortcoming, Nielsen said the Trump administration has decided to take an approach that aims to “shape the world around us” and to prioritize U.S. security. That means being much more resilient than just highly reactive.

Nielsen said DHS has been implementing its “Relentless Resilience” policy since last year and some of the achievements from that include stricter vetting and screening of travelers and aviation security improvements. DHS has also worked with the State Department to inform nations worldwide about tougher information-sharing requirements to clamp down on terrorist travel.


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