Claudia Hosky | Publisher of FedInsider

Congratulations to our first WONK of The Week, Claudia Hosky!

Industry: Media / Training / Education

Nominated by: Peg Hosky | President of HCI

About Claudia:

Born and raised in Washington DC, Claudia Hosky has developed a dense knowledge of policy and technology, but her heart lies in engagement. As Publisher of FedInsider - a media outlet that serves the information needs of over 80,000 subscribers - Claudia provides a springboard for both government CIOs and industry stakeholders to lend their insight to a nationwide audience of their peers.

Her successful launch of FedInsider’s webinar program now offers free training to tens of thousands of Federal, state, and local government wonks across the country. She’s highly conversant in government policy, technology trends, and is a strong advocate of technology accessibility. Her rolodex of government and industry contacts is formidable.

She received her Bachelor’s degree and her MBA from Marymount University. In true WONK fashion, Claudia centered her MBA Thesis on an aspect of government contracting called “no cost” or “zero cost” contracting.

To learn more about FedInsider and join upcoming webinars and events, visit   | @FedInsider |

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