Federal Cyber Reskilling Academy Has Over 1,000 Applicants

The new "trend" for federal employees is the Federal Cyber Reskilling Academy. According to FedScoop, over 1,500 federal employees have applied for this online program to reteach themselves the skills it takes to move forward in the cybersecurity field.

The program has a curriculum that "begins with a cyber essentials course that begins with an on-site workshop, followed by four weeks of follow-on learning, exercises, and exams." - Federal Cybersecurity Reskilling Academy

The FCRA website says there is no cost for students. If you are out of school, you must get your supervisors approval to apply for the program, which does not seem to be an issue for these employees. The hope this program will assist in filling the positions more efficiently.

"Now the program is reviewing, scoring, interviewing and selecting applicants to join the cohort. Applicants will be notified beginning April 1 if they were selected and must accept by April 15, when training begins."

Source | Photo by Getty Images

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