Bloomberg Report Shows DC Has The Most Expensive Commute

Who's surprised that the DMV has the most expensive commute? Anyone?

With the help of Bloomberg data analysis, MSN reported that those who commute to work in DC spend the most money in "commuter fees."

Out of the major cities surveyed by Bloomberg, DC residents spend almost 80 minutes commuting to work. Why're these residents spending so much time in the car instead of living down the road from their company? MSN and Bloomberg found that these workers would rather spend the time in the car or on the train instead of paying the rent fees through the DMV.

How did they conduct this study?

The index scored 800+ counties for the highest cost of commuting based on three metrics: the cost of commuting in equivalent dollar amount, the percentage of income this matches, and the percentage of the workforce that leaves before 6:00 a.m. The three metrics are weighted at 70 percent, 20 percent and 10 percent, respectively.
The absolute cost of commuting was calculated by converting total commuter hours into a dollar amount based on the average annual income of a full-time employee in the region. The index does not include ancillary costs for transportation and parking.

The top county for commuting is Charles County, Md., with an average of 388 hours.

Source | Photo by Getty Images

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