Parsons Corp. Has Moved Closer To The DC Area

Parsons Corporation, a company dedicated to finding solutions in the federal world, has moved their headquarters closer to Washington, D.C. The idea behind moving the company's HQ was to be closer to their ideal cliental.

Parsons is now located in Centreville, Va., having moved from their original location of Pasadena, Ca. The number of jobs that have been relocated to the DMV has not yet been disclosed.

"The employee-owned company has almost 16,000 employees worldwide and posted nearly $3 billion in revenue during 2017, according to its most recent financial statement."

They've not only changed their location, but also their mission statement. The company has chosen to become more tech-focused. According to, Parsons has made the shift in order to help bridge the gap between infrastructure and the technological factors to appeal to a wider audience when it comes to things like cybersecurity and defense.


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