Maryland Bill Tries To Ban Use Of DNA Tests When Solving Crimes

The use of genealogical testing when solving crimes is being banned in only two jurisdictions across the country: Maryland and Washington, D.C.

This ban came into question after law enforcement used this technique to solve the Golden State Killer investigation. This new bill was brought to fruition by Delegate Charles Sydnor, a democratic delegate for Baltimore County.

"In written testimony, Sydnor added that non—criminal individuals participating in consumer genetic database websites are not knowingly subjecting themselves to the potential "genetic dragnet" associated with law enforcement obtaining their information from the database." - NBC Washington

NBC4 also sites that MD has put laws into affect that let law enforcement use DNA samples from those there during or connected to the arrests made. However, delegates are currently seeking to prohibit law enforcement from using companies like or as this is not what this testing was intended for.

Photos by Getty Images

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