Jeopardy!'s Newest Champion Is A Maryland Resident

Source Of The Spring

Jeopardy! crowned Aaron Lichtig as the newest champion on January 24th.

The Silver Spring resident is a growth marketer for Xometry, Inc. Lichtig went home over $14,000, knocking out its previous title holder. Source Of The Spring asked Lichtig what the audition process is like for a show with this much merit. 

The audition includes a written test and a practice game, along with a personality interview. Those who pass that get put into another pool of potential players who could get called anytime within 18 months to be on the show.

“I’ve made it to the in-person interview twice,” Lichtig said. “Once in 2010 in Chicago, and I didn’t get a call after that, and I did an audition in March of 2018 in Washington, D.C and then got the call in October.”

Watch Aaron Lichtig as he continues his winning streak tonight (Friday, January 25th) at 7:30 pm.

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