Maryland State Trooper Delivers Baby On PG County Highway

As the snow came down pretty heavy on Sunday night, Maryland State police busily tried to help aid the many people stuck on the icy roads. During that same time, a 21-year-old woman delivered her baby boy on the side of a snowy with the help of MD State Trooper Esai Cunningham. 

Cunningham saw the woman on the side of the I-95 and I-495 split when he went to investigate a reported crash on the highway. 

He told FOX 5 DC that after calling EMS and taking the necessary precautions, he noticed the woman's labor was progressing faster than expected. 

"I had gloves on so I cradled baby's head cause that was my first instinct, and had other female passenger in car hold the head, found a towel baby was fully out made sure umbilical cord around neck. It wasn’t thank God." 

That baby boy will have a memorable story to tell later in his life thanks to Cunningham who to said that this is "definitely one of those moments I can look back on and be happy that everything went right...(sic)." 

(To read the whole article, click here.) 

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