Accelerating Citizen Services Using Accessible Digital Forms

On Wednesday, January 16th at 2 PM EST, FedInsider, a company dedicated to educating the government body digitally, is hosting a webinar to help provide more information and instruction as to how and why the government's use of digital forms can be improved. This webinar's featured speaker is Rob Haverty, Senior Product Manager, Adobe.

Here are some of the objectives they hope to cover during the webinar:

  • Examine how websites and digital PDF forms can be crafted to ensure compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation.

  • Act so that every taxpayer, regardless of physical abilities, can access the information they need online.

  • Review best practices in developing web-based, mobile friendly, digital services options that provide intuitive and adaptive electronics forms for greater efficiency.

  • Detail private sector customer experience techniques that are tailored to facilitate a dialogue with government agencies.

 The duration of the webinar will be one hour. To apply to be a part of the webinar, click here

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Government Shutdown Has No Affect On Marches On The Mall

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